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In earlyCarl Ruderman needed a figurehead to divert attention from his position as publisher. And not just any female — he wanted a glamorous woman already associated with the New York sex scene. Appointing Bree Anthony self naked ass pics a smart idea — and selecting her eventual successor, adult film actress Gloria Leonardan even smarter one. Wolff was fired by Ruderman after the first two issues, May and Junebut soon found a home at Cheri, the magazine that would prove to be his most lasting success.

August Vol 1, No. The first issue of Cheri came out in August — with a typically over-the-top announcement by Peter Wolff that mirrored a similarly hyperbolic introduction he had written when he magazine High Society just three months earlier:. A star-spangled, Yankee-doodling dingdong of a magazine! A motherfucker of a book! Bid farewell to commercialized cunt-mongering. Their writing would ostensibly be a form of gonzo cheri, but would include enough titillating pics detail to appeal to the raincoat crowd.

Other columnists were less well-known but equally colorful.

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In the first few months, magazine photo spreads were often generic picture sets acquired from agencies, but photographer Peter Hurd contributed a pictorial of Annie Sprinkle accompanied by an interview of the adult film star conducted by Wolff. When he had been magazine Gallery magazine, Wolff had pics an amateur photo contest that had drawn a huge response — and which had pics him fired. The winner would come to New York anal pron receive the cash prize in person and no doubt be required to offer some proof of their alleged expertise.

Photos of the family having sex were provided by Ric Dante, who was also a member of the group. Not what Supreme Court Justice Burger wants. Not what Ford U. President wants. Not what the slick, hip, cool, big-money cats wants. September Vol 1, No. Whereas Carl Ruderman, publisher of High Society, seemingly hired and fired his senior team on a monthly basis, Peter Cheri wanted continuity.

He surrounded himself by friends, who worked hard, and partied hard — and they cheri him make his unique vision for a magazine a reality. The big exclusive in the second issue of Cheri was a feature on Elizabeth Ray.

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Ray was the central figure in a much publicized sex scandal earlier in the year that ended the career of U. Wayne Hays D-Ohio. Ray had been on the payroll of a committee run by Hays for two years as a clerk-secretary.

During that time she stated her actual job duties were providing Congressman Hays sexual favors. Ray also admitted having sex with married Sen. Mike Gravel D-Alaska arranged by her then boss Rep.

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Kenneth J. Bob Amsel contributed an interview of west coast photographer Nippy Phillips, which included pictures of Sandy Carey. The regular columns continued — with Jody Maxwell in particular taking her writing gig seriously. She reported from Kansas, where she met with prostitution activist Margo St.

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We offer you a membership in our little enterprise. We are a fucking Super-family, an alliance of readers and performers joined by common curiosities and passions. October Vol 1, No. The marriage of Cheri and Cheri Divine was perfect. She was regularly in the news as her act was busted frequently, and Magazine would become a regular feature in Cheri magazine over ensuing years. In her first neve campbell hot pics in the magazine, Honeysuckle Divine re-enacted her act for the magazine, while recounting her recent legal issues in detail.

The regular columnists weighed in with their latest essays, and Annie Sprinkle joined the team, standing in for Kim Cheri. Jody Maxwell found herself in the right place at the right time. She was in Kansas City, the location of the upcoming Republican convention.

This enabled her to report on the preparation for the event — from unusual angles. This month she spoke to prostitutes in the city about their rights. November Vol 1, No. The November issue added more contributors to the masthead — which now totaled a sizeable 42 people — including future adult film director Richard Milner and porn star Marlene Willoughby.

The workers had gathered under the aegis of Margo St. Continuing the theme of reporting on the lives of prostitutes, new columnist Elizabeth Dean also wrote about street-walkers in Houston. She described appearing in the off Broadway play, Pics, having sex with John Holmes, and her relationships with men. The moment she walked in the door, we both knew she was pics what we wanted — a very intelligent, highly sensitive girl with the kind of charisma that will put a film over.

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