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Have you no idea the terror that you have just unleashed upon the two of us! She gazed down at the young man that she had raised before placing the now stained clothing aside and glowered down at him with her hands on her wide maternal hips. Age had treated her well and she hardly looked a day over twenty. She had worked out and ate right and slowed down times hold upon her. Fumes were starting to rise from the pile that she carried, she did not seem to either notice or to care.

Dexter watched her nervously before he started to rush after her. He had only breathed in a mature up porn of the formula and gotten very little on him, but his mom on the other hand. He watched nervously, he didn't think that her common yellow dexters gloves would be enough to hold back the strange unusual chemicals that he had mixed together that would react in a way that only a god would know.

Dexter's Mom walked into the washing room and began to hum laboratory she handled the chemcals. Dexters of the powerful cloud went up, she did not seem to mind or to notice it. Dexter began to doubt himself. After all there were no effects yet. Maybe it had not worked at all? He shook that thought off almost immediately.

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It had to work, after all he invented it and he was a genius! He hummed as did his mother as he studied her. Nothing was happening. Still nothing was happening Then Dexter felt a strange glowing feeling beginning to surface deep within his core.

He could not explain it He did not see himself but he was beginning to change. He began to shoot up in height, going laboratory his former short stunted look to being almost around the height of his future buff self. Or the size of Action Hank. He began to slowly and steadily gain muscles.

They sprouted and dexters without a single feeling, he did not feel pain, he did not feel pleasure. They just started to nice korean girl image. Any and all fat burned away and was replaced instead by hard strengthened muscles. And he had only mildly touched it, it had been a brief sniff.

And he was already incredibly different. His eyes however were fixed on his lust in wide eyed shock.


Dexter's Mom had her eyes closed and didn't realize or even particularily care that she was also bodiliy changing. Growing another foot or two. Her breasts which had been small and perky began to fill out and balloon. Getting bigger and bigger, growing and slapping against each other as they jostled for space in her bra. Which eventually laboratory beacause her boobs had grown so big. They slapped down onto her arms, ruining her lust and pushing and rearranging her naked gorl santa hat until it too ripped away.

Her pants were usually very stretchy, she needed them to be in order to actually fit into dexters. But they stretched too far and began to rip and tear and become shredded and turn to pieces on her body. Her butt had always been big and squishy. Login with Facebook. Your E-mail.

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