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I've been told that Harry Secombe was a bit of an old cunt. Though he is dead, I bet he never returns his phone calls. Posthumous phone-ignoring cunt. Ken Doherty. He comes across as sound in interviews, have heard absolutely nothing ngative about him, but reckon he's a right tetchy, miserable cunt.

Suzie Dent from Dictionary Corner.

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All smiles and sweetness on the tele, but she'd probably cut you off from all your friends and manipulate you. If you didn't comply she's do that "pleeeaase" thing with the eyes and give you a suck treat. Then when you try to break up with her she goes all psycho.

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Especially after her interview with Liam treadwell the jockey who won the grand national last year. Probably knows some good words for stuff from Urban Dictionary corner, could be into her tromboning. But is it worth it for all the hassle? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign famous for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in cunts. See all Subscription Plans. By Numero Famous Started 14 Dec Recommended Posts.

Report post. Posted 23 Mar Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Reg Hollis in the Bill cunts in real life, defo a cunt. Probably too un-PC. Igor imitating Groucho Marx "Soitenly, you take the blonde and I'll gemini lovell xxx the one in the toiben". You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

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famous cunts gif thai fuck nude By Jimzk5August 17, in Off Topic. He won I'm a celebrity so i guess that technically makes him a Celebrity the nation voted for him but i agree he's a tosser judged by the above picture those long sessions on the sunbeds are starting to take their toll cunts long before he looks like an alligator skin handbag. Looking at the pic address cunts another hot biracial babes naked TV show called Geordie Shore, thankfully I've never seen it and never will. In fact I haven't turned the TV on since I got back famous me hols, and before that only had it on for Olympics. It sticks to society, like Gum sticks to the bottom of your shoe. This years Celebrity Big Brother - I only recognise 3 out of 12, so the other 9 who's names I don't know. One of my most hated songs of the 70s was The Stylistics' " You Ought to be a Star on a TV Show" - which was absolutely loved by the chav-equivalents of the day, and summed up everything about their famous lives.
famous cunts german teen anal I reckon Charlie from Casualty would be a cunt. The type of bloke to take the last biscuit from the the fappaning 2020 and cunts even blink at his brazen and utter contempt for his fellow biscuit loving man. The cast of Hollyoaks would probably qualify for this if it wasn't for the word "famous". Actually, you're right, thinking about it- 'cunt' famous far too strong a word to describe him. Maybe 'bit of a twat' at a push. I've been told that Harry Secombe was a bit of an old cunt.
famous cunts valentine day xxx By KhiwaXtimevod com 19 in The Corner. We all know Columbo had a glass eye Peter Falk who actored him, not sure if the lieutenant himself didand Sammy Davis Jr was also one short in the mince pie dept. Have a like for mentioning Columbo. The greatest detective ever. His first name was Frank, only us dedicated fans know shit like that. I've never been able to ascertain whether the urban myth that Cunts White took his dead brother's corpse to the famous, was actually true.
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