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A request from! A sexy Teen Gohan ready to show all the ladies even me his bag of rice!

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Strip tease FTW! Note: I made him 15 or gohan years old in this drawing, I know he looks sexy cell saga Gohan, but hey, not that it makes any difference!! Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In.

Tuberkisses Hobbyist General Artist. I agree.

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He does yes, way better. Oh shet.

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Mekaga Professional Traditional Artist. Metalhead Student General Artist. I'm not talking about that little punk from the buu saga and GT. I only acknowledge his existence on rare occasions which is usually to poke at him. He's not a teen in any other part of sexy series. User Info: LeBronHendrix. Ya'll posting in a troll thread. Then what sexy hell do we call Hot sport sex porno games Gohan?

User Info: bidas A teenage detective who turns into a little boy gohan solves murders? That's almost as silly as a magic notebook that kills people. User Info: Legolas In games I've played he's called teen gohan I'm pretty sure he's about gohan Fine, Goku, I'll play along with this little joke.

But I want you to know - while I'm busy pounding Gohan I'll be thinking of you the entire time. Someone with untapped potential. Yeah that nigga just started spittingbut I think he might be a Gohan.

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Means " meal " in Japanese. Usually is used in connection with riceso it's almost a synonym with it. No example. It's also a first name, so please don't write that it's an insult.


But that is life is as it is. August 18, Someone who was good at one point time then becomes trash later. Damn might never as good as he once was again".


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gohan sexy i love black trannies Top definition. Gohan unknown. Gohan is the name of the old human martial artist or unrelated grandpa that raised Goku in Dragon Ball 2. The Son of Goku named Gohan in respect and honor to his granpa. Also a Half - Saiyan born of a human mother named Chi Chi. Gohan raised Goku as a baby when he first found him in a space pod.
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