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Rate This. Season 15 Episode All Episodes Director: Tony Wharmby. Writers: Donald P. Added to Watchlist. Watched in Fave Streaming potn. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Mark Harmon You okay, Bishop? Oh, I'm better than okay. Who knew dropping bodies could be such a rush. Dropping bodies? You know I can hear you, right?

I can totally see why Torres likes this undercover work 15x11 much. Get a sitrep on Torres. He stayed behind, hasn't seen any drugs yet, but 15x11 least he's getting a good workout.

You're a cop?! You almost shot me! I got to go, Ncis. Special Agent Eleanor Bishop, and no, I didn't almost shoot you. Then ncis do you call putting a gun to my head and pulling the trigger? Well, that is what's called the Torres Trick-Fire.

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See, Agent Torres was working undercover when best sissy caps partner was ordered to shoot someone. In order to bail him out, he triggered the 15x11 alarm, knocked the gun away at the last second.

I knew what he was doing. Your life was never in danger. It was a little in danger. Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, because I'm still gonna have to kill you. All right, got it. I'll send them to Donnie. Nice work, Abbs. ABBY: Thank you. The trick 15x11 using real blood.

Just kidding. Come on. Let's get you cleaned up. And then? But first, we need you to tell us everything you know about the drug ring, starting with who's running it. If I was gonna tell you that, we could have just skipped the makeup job. Hold that thought. You wanted to see me? So, we've offered our witness every deal in ncis book, and she's still not talking. I was hoping since you built a profile on her, you might have some insight? You thought right. With this one, ncis don't use a carrot. You want to use a stick. Look, I told you, I'm not a snitch.

You sure about that?

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Which photo would you like us to send your pal down at the marina? This one or this one? My back is killing me. Uh, one more load. Please tell me it's, uh, it's something illegal. Uh, ncis. And we got to clean the bait freezer, miranda cosgrove nip slip the 15x11. Is that what happens when you don't? She's just a customer.

What happened? Got in too deep. Owed too much. Became a liability. Well, that's the business we chose, right? Not the business I chose. No, this business chose me. I wanted to be a fireman. Then I grew up, and 15x11 wanted to be a ncis. Hell, I even thought about being ncis cop. Like a like a police officer cop? It's hard to imagine, huh? And then then my mom got sick. You know, she didn't have insurance so we needed fast cash, and wasn't fast enough.

For what? To become a teacher. Get your ass out here. And think twice before you tell me he's not here. Just a minute, Mr. He's down at the dock. I'm not someone to screw with, and they're about to find that out. You realize I just signed my own death warrant, right? We can protect you. You saw these guys. You're playing with fire. Look, don't worry about Torres. He can handle himself. Okay, what do you got? She gave up the ringleader.

McGEE: Look familiar? His name is Richard Lane, but we knew that. He makes his living renting out boats at the marina. 15x11 we didn't know this. Lane is making a ncis of cash somehow, and it's not from booze cruises. We got our guy, boss. All right. Torres just texted. Lane's at the marina. It looks like something's ncis to go down. All right, grab your gear. Doesn't look like anyone's home.

He's gone dark. His last text was 20 minutes ago. Bishop, cover the front. Hey, what about McGee? Okay, covering the front. Where'd they go?

Not the question. That's the question. That's Torres's burn phone. Don't move. Uh can I help you? Whose blood is this? What blood?

I don't see any blood. Me, neither. Drop 'em! Don't know how the Feds caught on to us, boss, but the new girl just saved my ass. No, but it feels right. Let me know when you get there. Boss wants us to take these guys off base, waste 15x11, then bury all three bodies at once.

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Bishop, I trust you. And if anyone in his crew finds out that I'm a federal agent, they'll kill Torres on the spot. I'm really rethinking that decision not to be a fireman right now. Donnie, we've got to get you to the hospital.

Ah, nah. No hospitals. There's too many questions. Well, here's a question. How long until you bleed to death? Ah, I think that bleeding's almost stopped. It's too late for my suede seats, though.

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But we got to get you off the streets, buddy. We got a safe house set up outside of 15x11. You turn around, we can go ncis. Oh, yeah, if you want to get killed, sure. After what happened back there, man, you're out of business for a while. Right now, there's a feeding frenzy between all your rival drug dealers. We can't trust the safe house. So what do we do? What the hell are you doing? I wanted to be a fireman when I was a kid, too. And, um, 50 million other things.

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And, at the end, I I guess I did 'em all. Let's go. I-I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where my boyfriend is. That's not what I asked. Tell her the truth.

NCIS 15x11 "High Tide" -

Your boyfriend's dead. They're just trying to drive a wedge between us. Your boyfriend is fine. But Donnie took a hit. They're en route to a Baltimore safe house. You gonna tell me what happened or what? We had a problem with someone in our supply chain. Guy came in with a little too much attitude. Ncis you killed him. Lane killed himself the moment he pulled a gun on me.

Richard Lane? Oh, you know him? Take over? You think this tool is the boss? Th-This guy was your supplier? All he did cum four times rent us the boats we used to pick up our product. We send these out empty they come back filled with pure-grade fentanyl. Top-of-the-line product, almost too good to be true. It was like printing money. Looks like you're gonna have to find a new way to smuggle the drugs.

If Lane's not the boss, who is? So 15x11 she's not your girlfriend then 15x11 is she? We're federal agents. Federal agents? My name is not Luis. You lied to me. And I'm sorry ncis that.

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Look, man, I think you're a good guy who got caught up ncis a bad situation. Ah, 15x11, thanks. You think you could tell that to the judge? You're not the one we want. If you're willing to testify against your boss, we can protect you. Well, Nick I don't think I can do that. I am the boss. Now start driving. Green Jeep Cherokee. Already out. And the staties just reported a sighting outside Wilton. Then they lost him. Where the hell is that? It's got to be closer to Baltimore than we are.

Nick's gonna be okay, right? Thanks for playing.

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Try again next time. Not talking? Bishop was right. He does know where the safe house is in Baltimore, but he's locked up tight as a drum. Let's unlock him. Not gonna happen. This guy would rather go to prison than rat out his crew. Jack, thanks. I'll take it from here. Why don't you go back upstairs? Ncis got this. I got it from here. I got to admit, I didn't ncis this one coming. Well, that makes two of us. Though, in hindsight, it 15x11 of makes sense.

Your "girlfriend" was way out of your league. She's, like, a hard ten. You're, like, a soft seven. Oh, she'll love to hear that.

Slow down. I don't want to get pulled over on our way to the safe house. And when we get to the safe house? Tell me everything NCIS knows about my business. You're not very good at reading people, are you?

I don't know how you ended up on that side of the line, but I don't think your heart's in it. Yeah, you're too good at this. Maybe I'm just that awesome. Joy of sex rapidshare don't think you are. I mean, the way you looked at your partner after that kiss Any man that can fake that deserves to win an Oscar.

That desk is killing you. Only time you really feel alive is when you're back on the street. So come with me. Join our crew. You don't have ncis go back to that desk. I'm afraid I do.

I left a candle 15x11. Or he will be by the time they get to that safe house. Trust me, Donnie's made him by now. You trying to scare me? You're gonna have to try harder than that. Gibbs laughing laughing : Oh, okay. I'm gonna give you one more chance to join my crew. 15x11 Keywords. Parents Guide.

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ncis 15x11 petite anal cheerleader gif Bishop and Torres butt heads and lock lips while undercover. As the pair head back to the yacht to stop the murder, the boat explodes. They eventually emerge from hiding to get dressed down by Vance for not ncis in immediately, as protocol dictates. Naturally, Bishop wanted to follow the rules, but Torres talked her out of it. Gibbs and Vance tell 15x11 and Bishop that their covers could be blown and send them to the hospital for a post-explosion checkup.
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