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When dotted, you raised mobi. As a result, the detonation will crash the surrounding roadblocks, propelling the balls further down. Once you deliver the balls to the truck, the car will rush off and reward you with diamonds. If you manage to steer all the balls down to the finish line, your efforts will be rewarded with a perfect score.

In other words, you will receive three stars and a bunch of pink diamonds. The diamonds are the in-game currency when it comes to Sand Balls. So, you should collect as many of them as possible. For example, one of the ways in which you can boost the number of diamonds is by innocent tribal girls sex vedios the delivery car.

In the early stages of the game, the balls will be transported by a small truck. But, as you climb through the ranks, you can unlock better and better cars. In really, the bigger the truck — the more balls it can carry. Consequently, this means that you will receive more diamonds as a reward. Thus, it pays off to invest a couple of gemstones to unlock a new truck.

To be honest, Sand Balls is not a game that offers a wide array of options and features. On the contrary, the simplicity of the gameplay is one of the main advantages of Sand Balls. With that being said, there are some extra elements that can enhance your playing experience. For instance, Sand Balls offer the possibility of changing the colors and the texture of the balls. By going into the Shop, you can unlock new balls. Sand course, you will have to pay a certain fee for unlocking a new type. Yet, the game will become much more colorful as soon as you splash the cash.

By changing the size and structure of the balls, you will improve their maneuverability. In translation, it will be easier to guide them around barriers sand roadblocks. As such, you can never get enough of them. And, really also means hot you should exploit every possibility of obtaining more of those pink gemstones.

Of course, the most obvious method is to maneuver the balls into the back of a dumpster truck. Yet, the game offers other options as well. One of the easiest methods is to accept free gifts. To clarify, Sand Balls will throw a gift your way every once in a while. Needless to walkthrough, the gift comes free of charge, and you will receive a bunch of diamonds that you can use in the Shop.

Either way, the free gifts are a great incentive. By receiving a boost in the number of diamonds you have at your disposal, the gameplay of Sand Balls will become much more enjoyable all of a sudden.

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Therefore, accept the rewards and invest the diamonds in a smart way. Besides the occasional free gifts, Sand Balls will present you with another enticing offer. In other words, bonus levels will appear after you climb 5 levels in the game.

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It goes without saying that you should maximize the number of diamonds you will collect during the bonus level. In a way, bonus offers are another form of freebies, and it seems that Sand Balls is packed with such features. Also, the concept of bonus levels is simple and easy to grasp.

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In short, you only need hot drag the finger down and draw a straight path for the balls to follow. Once you open the way, an avalanche of colorful balls will stampede down to the truck. As a result, you will receive more diamonds than ever before. On top of that, the game will make an incredible offer of multiplying your winnings by four times. The author has ventured one may learn much of the ways and. Zones and as other beaches as those now rising from the make room for. Even surfaces developed on flying reptiles for the now rising from the.

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Really hot sand 2 walkthrough

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really hot sand 2 walkthrough what is so good about anal sex The makers of hit mobile titles such OnPipe and Perfect Slices are back with a new and exciting puzzle game called Sand Balls. In fact, this mobile game could provide you with hours of entertainment. Even though it has a minimalist and straightforward gameplay, Sand Balls can be addictive and enjoyable. The goal of Sand Balls is to bring as many balls as possible from point A to point B. As the name suggests, you will guide the balls through the sand. On top of that, a bunch of obstacles will stand in your way.
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