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EA Rep May Have Influenced Reddit Mods To Censor Battlefront Critics

Shows what happens when you put your eggs all in one basket. Fanghawk: Many Star Wars are incredibly excited for next week's Battlefront release. I'm assuming that is meant to be Star Wars fans. I highly doubt there are a series of wars in the stars that are excited about this.

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OT: As pretty much everyone else has said, this isn't surprising. There isn't much evidence and it isn't exactly difficult to fabricate this sort of evidence either but at this point EA is so synonymous with bad decisions it is perfectly plausible for them.

Holy fuck, i understand that this reddit of thing is common in business with more money than sense, but i expect humans to have some standards at least. This guy looks sincere enough in his attempts here. Star wars is too much of a big name for EA to take the chance, they will alwaya be EA.

But these mods have a responsibility, yet they squander it, with no desire to inform, purely self-serving and poisonous. Go and work for the sun or the daily mail newspapers so we can at least pidgeon-hole these fappy. Although, reddit they shouldn't start confiding with each other, who knows what tripe can be brought up then.

I sense a disturbance in big booty asian tube force. Like tens of thousands voices screaming in outrage at the same time, and never shutting up Indeed, but it should only be enforced by the people who gave out the contract. fappy

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Getting other people to enforce it unofficially on the sly is beyond shady. It's doubly shady when they're enforcing a NDA they signed against other people who didn't sign one. I'm pretty sure EA could give free ice cream to all the world's orphans and still find a way to disgust everybody with how they did it.

Delete negative comments about a game that came out over a decade ago? Now that's shocking. I hope they get credit for reddit their hard work this time Wight Power. At least they were given proper credit this time, right? Why is Reddit suddenly relevant on Fark? Is this a sponsored link? Son of a Oh well. I know grabass, but what the hell is a reddit? Oh Reddit is against these new 'security' measures?

No wonder drew curtis's fark. In the end though I'm nude girls photos fucking you'll all just get over it. I was gonna say "don't touch my junk" guy. Nothing too spectactular, but it's entertaining. It reads one thought a day, and seems like it gets updated regularly. Wish the voice was more entertaining to listen to though. Reddit most likely fappy keeping it. Gives me some good food for thought in the morning. Love hearing a new one every day fappy my morning routine! One person found this helpful.

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And adorable. Reddit get the fappy. Watch People Die is one of the darker subreddits out there. CaesarSneezy : ultraholland: I know grabass, but what the hell is a reddit? It's like a more terrible Fark, if you can imagine such a thing. The bigger one is the one carrying the plastic explosive.

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reddit fappy shakira pics 2020 A Reddit ex-moderator is claiming EA offered Star Wars Battlefront alpha access and other paraphernalia in exchange for deleting negative posts. Many Star Wars fappy are incredibly excited for next week's Battlefront releasebut a major disturbance in the Force might sour the mood. A Reddit admin is claiming an EA rep bribed moderators to remove negative Battlefront posts. According to the allegations, moderators gained access to Battlefront 's closed alpha for suppressing game criticism, while another user received tickets to the Star Wars festival and various other perks. This information started coming to light a few days ago thanks to this call for new moderators following a Reddit user agreement breach. This had been going on for a while and is completely unacceptable, wife butt plug you were personally the moderator to yank the reddit or not.
reddit fappy liza biggs Wight Power : At least they were given proper credit this time, right? BumpInTheNight : I'd like to say that this is an awesome image though:. Phil Clinton : Reddit? Damn near killed it LOL!!! I know I do.