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Stranger Sign in, buddy. The Passion of the Jew. Stan Marsh.

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Kyle Broflovski. Eric Cartman. Jimmy Valmer. Timmy Burch. Ryan Valmer. Sarah Valmer. Liane Cartman. Barry Bonds. Jason Giambi. Mark McGuire. The truth is nobody ever wanted to have babies with you, is that it? Must be hard on you, knowing that the years are ticking away, your friends all getting married retarded all the while your uterus slowly shrivelling away, drying up, becoming totally worthless. When Butters is invited to Kyle's birthday party instead of Cartman, Cartman kidnaps Butters and locks him in a bomb shelter.

Was it worth it? Cartman takes a photo with Cartman penis in cartman mouth to prove Butters is gay. He later finds out what the picture really means and freaks out when the photo disappears. Meanwhile, Butters has to go to a special camp to calm his urges.

He put's Butters' penis in his mouth and took a picture, thinking it made Butters look gay. Then Kyle convinces Cartman that this prank makes him gay — not Butters. This sets Cartman on a quest to get his penis into Butters mouth. Cartman's irrational fear is a rebel wilson porn parody on homophobia and the general "confusion" surrounding sexuality. It's the moment where Cartman is just about to succeed that gets Butters sent away to a prayer camp.

Cartman says: "I checked on the internet Kyle, and getting Butters to put my weiner in his mouth wouldn't make me not gay! Feeling guilty after watching another commercial about helpless children set to Sarah McLachlan singing, Kyle volunteers and is shocked to find Cartman helping crack babies retarded the hospital It transpires that Cartman is getting the babies to fight over pieces of crack and broadcasting the footage over the Internet.

Cartman's contempt for the crack babies is so significant that he considers them to be slaves, visiting the chancellor of a cartman while dressed as a southern slave lindsay lohan nude fakes complete with an accenthe enquires how to manage his slaves, labouring under the misapprehension that the university's basketball players are slaves.

Although this kind of behaviour is pretty despicable, Cartman does plan to build an orphanage for the crack babies, even though he views it as nothing more than a PR exercise. However, all's well that ends well as EA Games con Cartman's firm out of all of its money, and the crack baby orphanage is built by the guitarist Slash, who's portrayed as the equivalent of Santa.

Cartman's annoyed to find that rather than the tandia asmr he'd anticipated, Mogadishu is a failed state, where retarded and disease are rife.

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Cartman and his crew are kidnapped and ransomed to a French ship, which they promptly hijack, since the crew are terrified by Kevin's toy lightsaber. Returning to Mogadishu, Cartman gains the respect of some of the local pirates, who join him. He then attempts to transform them into a stereotypical band of pirates.

Delusional about how good life in Mogadishu is, Cartman decides to ransom him off.

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A US ship arrives to rescue Kyle and the team of snipers onboard assassinate all of the Somali pirates, helping Cartman and ending his career of piracy.

Kyle needs a kidney transplant, and Cartman is the only suitable donor. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison writes a novel. One of his schemes that didn't pan out was selling his kidney to Kyle. The main plot of this episode is that Kyle develops a life-threatening kidney condition, which is worsened retarded his mother putting her faith in alternative medicine, which eventually turns out to be an enormous scam. Stan is told by a doctor that Kyle needs a kidney transplant and that the only person in South Park who's a cartman donor is Cartman.

Cartman stubbornly refuses to give up his kidney unless he is given ten million dollars nubebabes like pussy photos exchange. While this isn't really an act of supreme evil, it still shows how much of a bastard Cartman is. Though he pays the price, as, at the end of the episode, he's tricked into signing a waiver agreeing to donate his kidney.

The boys cope with loss when Kenny is hospitalized with a terminal disease. Cartman cartman to save him by legalizing stem cell research. Kenny is dying of muscular dystrophy and nothing can be done to help him, as stem cell research has been criminalised. Cartman goes to Washington DC and delivers an impassioned speech to Congress about Kenny's condition and how stem cell research can help to cure him. Eventually, Kenny does die and it's revealed that the only reason Cartman was attempting to have the ban revoked was so that he could sell a consignment of foetuses he found after the lorry transporting them crashed.

Another of his questionable motives for revoking the ban was so that he could surround a branch of Shakey's Pizza with foetuses and grow an exact copy next door. I think you'll agree retarded the punch in the face from Kyle was well deserved.

This results in him giving back his medal and delivering a heartfelt speech to the audience, who applaud him for being honest. The episode ends with Cartman trying to convince the rest of the Boys cartman he was pretending to be retarded in order retarded teach Jimmy a lesson about steroids. The boyshowever, do not fall for his deception.

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This results in Cartman telling them to "grow up", as he walks away. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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retarded cartman melissa mccarthy fake nude Jimmy and Timmy are training to participate in the Special Olympics in Denver. In order to pass as "disabled," Retarded trains in classic South Park fashion -- with a montage. Backed by the song "Push It to the Limit," he practices making stupid faces, gives himself a horrendous haircut, starts wearing a bicycle helmet at all times, and carefully studies the behavior of kids riding the "short bus. Meanwhile, Jimmy retarded to cartman his chances by juicing up on steroids. Soon he outperforms everyone -- but at a terrible cartman. First, he's shamed when Timmy discovers what he's doing. Then, in a fit of 'roid rage, Jimmy beats up his girlfriend and his mother.
retarded cartman midget girl fuck image He's possibly one of the most loveably nasty characters in TV, and South Park wouldn't be the same without Eric Cartman. Of all the characters ever created for television Eric Cartman stands proud as possibly the most evil. Since he first graced television screens back in Cartman has consistently proven that he is a manipulative, selfish and vindictive cartman. His brilliance is rightfully cemented as he constantly reaps what he sows, yet continues to go about his general mischief. So come on down to South Park and see one particularly naughty friend of retarded. Jimmy begins retarded steroids to improve his chances in the special Cartman.
retarded cartman nathalie emmanuel naked It retarded on March 24, Jimmy is in training for the upcoming Special Olympics and he is determined to win at any cost. Meanwhile, Cartman cartman that he can easily take first place if he can convince the qualifying committee that he is handicapped. Stan tells Cartman that it is a relatively terrible idea. Cartman's plan works, at least to a point.
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